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Murrells Inlet Paternity Testing and Family Relationship DNA Tests

Our Murrells Inlet DNA testing center for paternity, maternity, immigration and relationship testing in the Murrells Inlet area is located at:

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DNA Facts - Did you know?

Every human being shares 99% of their DNA with every other human. If you put all the DNA molecules in your body end to end, the DNA would reach from the Earth to the Sun and back over 600 times (100 trillion times six feet divided by 92 million miles).

DNA Intheritance

Genetic abnormalities present in mitochondrial DNA can only be passed from the maternal parent. When an egg is fertilized, only mitochondrial DNA from the mother is present. As such all children of the abnormality-carrying mother will inherit that abnormality. Men however cannot pass on mitochondrial DNA abnormalities to their children, even though they themselves may have the abnormality.