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Batavia Paternity Testing and Family Relationship DNA Tests

Our Batavia DNA testing center for paternity, maternity, immigration and relationship testing in the Batavia area is located at:

725 Fabyan Pkwy, Batavia IL60510

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DNA Facts - Did you know?

Hard to believe, but the DNA stored in every single cell of human body is damaged thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times on a daily basis. Fortunately, the human body incorporates a repair mechanism that constantly targets and repairs damaged DNA. If this repair system fails however, then events such as cancer formation can occur.

DNA Facts - Did you know?

Not many people have heard of the ‘Immortal Drive’ but this is a memory device that is in orbit around the earth inside the International Space Station. The Immortal Drive contains a digitized DNA sequence of extraordinary humans including Lance Armstrong, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Hawking and others. It's goal to protect the human race should a global catastrophe wipe it out.

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