How to Get a Free Paternity Test Consultation

What is a Free Paternity Test Consultation?

Our staff includes nationally recognized experts and leaders in the field of paternity and family relationship DNA testing.

For a free paternity test consultation or a free consultation on another type of DNA relationship test, call our Director, Dr. John Taddie, or make an appointment for him to call you back.  All paternity test consultations are strictly confidential.

Dr. Taddie and all of our knowledgeable consultants are available for both private clients and legal professionals. 

During your free paternity test consultation, Dr. Taddie will walk you through your testing options and answer any questions you may have.

Free Paternity Test Consultation by Dr John Taddy
Dr John Taddie PHD, Director

Our consultants are also able to provide explanations of DNA test reports, opinions regarding legal aspects and validity of results, and expert testimony for DNA paternity test cases.