Where do I go to have my DNA sample collected?

For our legally-admissible and immigration DNA tests, LB Genetics has an extensive network of over 1,000 sample collection locations throughout the United States and internationally. For information on appointment availability at a location near you, please call us at (714) 648-0468.

For our personal/peace-of mind DNA tests, we will mail the sample collection kits and instructions to you and/or other parties involved.  You would be responsible for collecting the samples (mouth swabs) and returning them to LB Genetics for testing.  If you reside in in Southern California, you may pick up a home collection kit, or have your samples collected, at our Santa Ana office.  We do not provide sample collection services or sample collection kits for personal/peace-of-mind tests at locations other than our main office in Santa Ana, California.  To order a home DNA sample collection kit, please call us at (714) 648-0468.

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