15 Famous Celebrity DNA Paternity Tests – Los Angeles

Celebrity on the red carpet in Los AngelesIf you’re cautious about getting a DNA paternity test, relax — you’re in good company. Many well-known celebrities in Hollywood, Los Angeles and in other cities have undergone the simple process of DNA Paternity testing. For many, these are well publicized cases but for those who want utmost confidentiality,  using testing reputable facilities that offer DNA Paternity testing to the greater Los Angeles area will ensure your tests are conducted with the utmost level of confidentiality. Just like anyone, celebrities can sometimes find themselves involved a situation where they must undergo or require a DNA paternity test. Paternity Tests are often taken to dispel rumors or to ascertain parental rights.Celebrities involved in paternity suits frequently make headlines but their cases are quickly forgotten by the public, whether or not a resolution was reached. Some of the more famous paternity allegations turn out to be cases of paternity fraud, and at other times the results are not what we expect. Let’s take a look at some of the well-publicized cases.

Eddie Murphy Paternity Tests

The star actor started dating former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown after his divorce in 2006. Soon into the relationship, Brown announced that she was pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s child. Eddie refused to believe he was the father but a DNA paternity test proved otherwise. Even though the test was conclusive, Eddie refused to be part of any relationship with their daughter.

Kourtney Kardashian

During a break with boyfriend Scott Disick back in 2008, Kourtney Kardashian was briefly involved with male model, Michael Girgenti. Nine months later, Kourtney gave birth to her son, Mason. Five years later Girgenti filed a suit to claim custody of Mason. However, a DNA paternity test showed he wasn’t the father.

Chloe Kardashian

This case evolved to dispel rumors .. her vibrant personality and different appearance from her sisters caused people to speculate that perhaps she wasn’t Robert Kardashian’s daughter. You can read more about the Chloe Kardashian paternity test here.

Marc Anthony

In 2003, a Miami waitress filed suit against famous singer. This was before he and Jennifer Lopez became married and had twins together. She claimed Marc was her child’s father but after multiple DNA paternity tests, it was conclusively proven that someone else was the father.

Jay Z Paternity Test

Rymir Satterthwaite, Jay Z’s alleged son began making paternity claims in 2015. He used a suit in an attempt to get Jay Z to undergo a DNA Paternity Test, something which he has not yet done.

Keanu Reeves

Sometimes celebrity fans can become obsessed with their idols. In 2009, Matrix star Keanu Reeves fund himself the target of infatuation when Karen Sala claimed he was the father of not one but four of her kids!
She wound up in court asking for $150,000 a month for child support and a mere $3 million a month for spousal support. She apparently claimed the superstar hypnotized her and impregnated her while disguised as her ex-husband (Us Weekly). A DNA paternity test quickly proved her claims were fantasy and the suit was tossed out of court.

Jude Law

Jude Law found himself embroiled in a paternity claim following a fling with model Samantha Burke. This short relationship resulted in the birth of a daughter. A DNA Paternity test showed Law was indeed the biological father. Law said he would like to be present in the child’s life but without further romantic involvement with Samantha Burke.

Elizabeth Hurley

Actress Elizabeth Hurley claimed she had become pregnant and that multi-millionaire Steve Bing was the father. Bing refused to believe he was the father, claiming that Hurleywas involved with multiple partners. A DNA paternity test proved Hurley was correct and Bing has since been highly supportive of the child’s upbringing.

James Brown’s Paternity DNA test

Following the singer’s death in 2006, several paternity claims surfaced and those responsible stepped forward claiming either to be Brown’s offspring or to having given birth to the star’s child. Tomi Rae Hynie, who was backup singer claimed her 6 year old child is James Brown’s son. Trustees denied the claims stating that the son and mother weren’t included in the will. A DNA paternity test proved that Brown was indeed the biological father and the judge ruled in Tomi Rae Hynie’s favor.

Bill Cosby

Autumn Jackson tried to extract $40 million from the shamed comedian in 97, stating she was Cosby’s illegitimate daughter. Cosby offered to take a paternity test, but Jackson never followed through. She was found guilty of extortion and ended up serving time for 14 months in a correctional facility.

Chris Rock

Comedian Chris Rock also fell victim to bogus paternity claims. Kali Bowyer, a freelance journalist filed suit against Rock for her sons medical and child support bills. Even though DNA tests ruled out Rock as the father, Bowyer claimed the test results were false.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith’s name rose to fame when Los Angeles-based Hue Heffner selected her as Playboy Girl in 1992. Subsequently, she became J. Howard Marshall’s wife when she was 26 and he 86 years old. Marshall, an oil billionaire, indulged Smith in a wildly extravagant lifestyle. Following Marshall’s death, his son and Smith fought over his $1.6 billion estate. Smith had been left nothing in her Marshall’s will but the epic court case went on for well over a decade.
Smith had engaged Howard K. Stern as her attorney through the process. She also had a relationship with Stern. The timing of Smith’s pregnancy indicated Stern might be the dad. Stern agreed and the birth certificate recorded him as father. But four other men, including Larry Birkhead, an ex-boyfriend claimed to be the biological father. A paternity DNA test proved Birkhead to be the daddy.

Sylvesta Stalone

Janice Dickinson was convinced that Sylvestor was her daughter’s father – Stalone even dumped his girlfriend at the time and was resigned to making Dickinson his wife. However, DNA paternity tests soon had Stallone off the hook – someone else was the father. Stalone reunited with and married his girlfriend and they went on to have three children together.

Linda Evangelista

In 2006 after Linda’s son Augustin was born, her former-lover, Francois-Henri Pinault was named as the father. Pinault, a billionaire, requested a DNA Paternity test which proved him to be the biological father. A further development is his marriage to Salma Hayek with whom he now has a child. This means Evangelista’s son and Hayek’s daughter are half-siblings.

Mel Gibson Requests Paternity Test

Mel Gibson asked his pregnant Russian girlfriend to undergo a DNA paternity test once she gives birth. As a high wealth individual, the star must be sure to confirm his paternity while balancing that with his love for Oksana. Oksana need not be concerned if she has been faithful. Paternity DNA tests don’t lie. Gibson’s children and friends, advised the actor to take a DNA paternity test based on their misgivings. To allay any doubts and secure his assets, Gibson went ahead with the test.

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